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Aqua Lift

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Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler has intensive moisturizing capacity, and Aqua Lift treatment is injecting a unique Hyaluronic acid-based skin enhancer directly into the hypoderma that will create moisture membrane, prevents premature skin aging, restore skin density and maintains skin glow.

Our Aqua lift preparation includes 3 highly efficient and powerful antioxidants, 2 minerals, 1 vitamin and 8 amino acids selected for their pharmaceutical grade, non-allergenic properties:

  • Restructuration of the dermis and a cellular regeneration: + 98% of collagen and 26% of fibrillin
  • A strong improvement of the cutaneous hydration: 15 times more acidic GAGs2 in the epidermis
  • An antioxidant protection: -28% of the photo-induced oxidative stress

Multiple treatments will be needed for maximum results, however patients should see improvements even after a single treatment.

After treatment, patient may experience mild redness, bruises and tiny red dots/bumps on the treated area but should subside shortly.  Patient can resume normal activities and cover area with make up application.

Aqua Lift 水光针

透明质酸(HA)填充剂具有强效保湿能力,水光针治疗是将独特配方的透明质酸肤质增强剂直接注入皮下组织,从而形成水分膜,防止皮肤过早老化,恢复皮肤紧致,并保持皮肤光泽。我们的水光针包括具有医药级、非过敏性的高效和强大的抗氧化剂、2 种矿物质、1 种维生素和 8 种氨基酸,可以帮助:

  • 真皮重组和细胞再生:+ 98% 的胶原蛋白和 + 26% 的原纤维蛋白
  • 高度改善皮肤水合作用:表皮中酸性 GAGs2 增加 15 倍
  • 抗氧化保护:-28% 的光学导致的氧化伤害



Pre/Post Treatment 疗程前 / 后

治疗后, 在治疗位置可能会短暂出现轻微发红、瘀伤和小红点/肿块,但会很快消退。患者可以在疗程后化妆并恢复正常活动。

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