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Fraxel DUAL Laser Resurfacing Treatment – Scars ori

Fraxel DUAL is a non-ablative fractional fiber laser resurfacing procedure with most advance zimmer chiller for maximum safety and comfort during treatment.  DUAL settings make use of 1550nm (Erbium fiber laser) and a more superficial 1927nm (Thulium fiber laser) laser energy to maximize results on treating scars as well as pigmentation.  Unlike CO2 Laser, which involves prolonged erythema and higher chances of scarring, infection and hyperpigmentation, Fraxel DUAL treats skin pixel by pixel, spot by spot for minimal downtime and rapid healing.  Treatment will be done on the whole treated area, but only a microscopic of skin is being targeted each time, usually a few sessions is needed for maximum results.  Patients usually see excellent results in treating wrinkles, scars, photo coagulation of pigmented lesions including lentigos (age spots) and solar lentigos (sun spots) and dyschromia, melasma, and skin resurfacing Pre/Post treatment:

  • Patient has to apply topical anesthetic 2 hours prior to treatment
  • For wrinkles, pigmentation and melasma, treatment interval should be 2 to 4 weeks apart.  For scars and resurfacing, treatment interval should be at least 4 weeks apart.
  • Social downtime: for 1550nm settings – minimal down time from 1 to 3 days; for 1927nm settings – 7 to 10 days.
  • Sunscreen should be used at all times after treatment

For more information of Fraxel treatment, please visit: http://www.fraxel.com/

Fraxel Scar01

Fraxel Scar02