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Radio Surgery / Excision / Electrocautery

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Radio Surgery is a newer technique using advanced radio wave technology to remove moles that are not flat, warts and any unwanted lumps and bumps safely and effectively.  Using an electrode to brush through the tissue, the radio waves will disintegrate and split the unwanted tissue away.  No stitches are required and scarring is minimal.  Excision surgery, on the other hand, is the traditional “cut and sew” method of removing unwanted moles and bumps.  Stitches are required and there will be chance of a small visible scar on the treated site.

Pre/Post treatment:

  • Local anesthetic is require
  • Treated area should be protected and left untouched for 48 hours after surgery.  Antibiotic ointment should be applied twice a day starting on the 3rd day.  Removal of suture (if necessary) should be done on the 5th day (for facial suture) or 7th to 14th days (for body suture)
  • A slight red pigmentation will be left on the treated area after Radio Surgery and normally will subside in a few months
  • A small red visible scar will be seen right after the excision surgery, but eventually the scar will fade or patient can choose to do Vbeam laser to speed up the healing process

Radio Surgery / Excision / Electrocautery 高频率电波脱墨疗程/手术割墨疗程


Pre/Post Treatment 程前 / 后

  • 治疗前须进行麻醉注射
  • 疗程后的首48小时内应避免触碰伤口,而48小时后(即第3日开始)须开始早晚在治疗位置涂搽消炎软膏。
  • 如进行手术割墨,则须在手术后的第5日拆线(面部伤口)或第7至14曰拆线(身体伤ロ)。拆线后,伤口会形成红色疤印,并会在未来数月内慢慢转淡变为接近肤色。可选择在拆线后1个月内开始进行Vbeam激光加速疤痕康服时间。
  • 进行高频率电波疗程后,治疗部位会留下一个红印,通常会于数个月内褪去

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