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Sinon Q-Switched Ruby Laser

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The Sinon Q-Switched Ruby laser has a wavelength at 694nm which is safe for all skin type and can effectively remove benign pigment change such as freckles/age spots/some melasma – for these conditions normally will require 1 to 3 treatments.  Sinon can also remove small moles and most types of tattoo with very good results, however it will require at least 4 or more sessions for maximum result.

Pre/Post treatment:

  • Topical or injection anesthetic is required
  • Treated area will feel an intense sensation of heat with each laser shot
  • After treatment, treated area will become red in the first two days and start to turn black or form scab afterwards.  Antibiotic ointment should be used twice daily and sunscreen must be applied at all times.
  • Avoid water over the treated area for 1 day
  • Patient should avoid sun exposure at least a month post treatment.

Sinon Q-Switched Ruby Laser 红宝石激光治疗


Pre/Post Treatment 程前 / 后

  • 疗程前须预先涂搽麻醉药膏
  • 于疗程进行时,治疗部位会感觉到稍为灼热
  • 疗程后,治疗部位会转为稍红并于数天后变黑或结焦,接受疗程者必须每天2次涂搽消炎软膏在治疗部位,并且须涂搽防晒霜保护皮肤
  • 在疗程后的1个月内,须避免接受日光直接照射及在过热的环境里
  • 可每相隔1个月重覆接受治疗,直至达到理想疗效为止

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