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Thermage Radio Frequency

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Thermage is a non-surgical face-lift that makes use of radio frequency energy to bulk heat and immediately tighten and remodel deep structures of existing collagen.  This action also triggers the body’s own natural renewal process and creates a growth of new collagen fibers to firm skin and smooth wrinkles over time, the best result should be seen in 3 to 4 months post treatment.  Enlarged pores, acne scars and inflamed acne will also be improved by the Theramge treatment.

Thermage is effective on other body parts such as abdomen, thighs, upper arms.  Cellulite and stretch marks will also benefit from this procedure.

Pre/Post treatment

  • The latest CPT handpiece provides a comfortable treatment with minimal discomfort – no pretreatment medication or topical anesthetic is required.  However, patient who is being treated for large body areas may benefit from mild pain killer medication.
  • During treatment, patient should feel a heating sensation with each application of the treatment tip
  • No down time: patient can resume normal daily activities right after treatment.
  • One single treatment should provide effective results that can last from 18 months to years beyond
  • Slight swelling may occur on rare occasions after treatment, but will subside shortly

Thermage 热玛吉/电波频率紧肤疗程

热玛吉是利用先进高频率电波能量的非手术性收紧皮肤治疗,强力的电波能量透过CPT探头令皮肤真皮层内的骨胶原因受热而收紧,并同时加速制造新的骨胶原补添在皮肤松驰的地方,除可令皮肤即时收紧外,并可逐渐改善皮肤质素(包括毛孔及暗疮疤)及减淡皱纹,最好的疗效应该在治疗后的 3 到 4 个月内看到。其他治疗范围包括身体部位皮肤收紧(腰腹部、手臂及腿部)和减退妊娠纹 。一次疗程即可见到显著的效果,疗效并能维持18个月或更久。

Pre/Post Treatment 程前 / 后

  • 最新的 CPT探头可提供舒适的治疗,并且将不适感降至最低 – 无需处理药物或局部麻醉剂。然而,正在接受大面积治疗(身体部位)的患者可以使用温和的止痛药。
  • 在治疗进行当中,接受治疗者将会感到探头每一发的灼热感觉
  • 疗程后无恢复期,但如有在疗程进行前服食药物,则有可能因为药物反应而须要稍作休息,并不宜在疗程后驾车
  • 接受治疗部位有可能会轻微肿胀,此为正常的反应并会于数日内褪去



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